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kUch loG jAb roTY hain ToO iSs liYa nAHI k wO.., 124 character

kUch loG jAb roTY hain ToO

iSs liYa nAHI k wO kaMzor hAin

baLKy iss liYa k wO mazBoOT reHty reHty

THak jAty haIn

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Chand Raat in Pakistan and India Celebrated i.., 1323 character

Chand Raat in Pakistan and India Celebrated in great styles. After 29 or 30 days of FASTING people in this region start celebrating when Government announce offical Eid ul Fitr in Country. All of sudden after this announcement market becomes busy street. Every one buy new dresses and shoes for very next day eid ul fitr

This Chand raat is more important in women as compare to men because Women buy Bangles, churriyan, and mehndi for this event. Almost every girls puts mehndi on his hand with different styles. New dishes were  cooked to celebrate new month of Shawal in islamic calender and to say good bye Ramadan in good manner.


chand raat festival


In this beautiful event of chand Raaat many muslims forget to pray ALLAH for giving beautiful month of Ramadan in his or her Life. So we should thanks ALLAH as well so take your time to thanks ALLAH almighty for your busy schedule that makes chand raat celebration event more special.

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Eid ul fitr 2012 is about to comes. Muslims a.., 2960 character

Eid ul fitr 2012 is about to comes. Muslims all over world Use eid ul fitr Pictures, Wallpapers and cards as source of sending greetings to friends and family.

Remember Eid dates all almost announced in every part of the world

Eid ul fitr in USA, UK, Malaysia, Germany, France, Saudi Arab, Doha, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait will be held on 18th and 19th August depening upon month of ramadan is about 29 days or 30 days. we specially design eid ul fitr 2012 wallpapers and Eid greetings card for above mentioned countries. Enjoy by sending eid ul fitr wallpapers cards and pictures to your friends and family email or share them on social networking websites.

eid ul fitr usa uk

eid ul fitr mubarak sms

Like countries of western and Europe in Asia specially Poeple in India and Pakistan start Eid ul fitr day by sending Eid ul fitr greetings cards, eid ul fitr 2012 wallpapers HD and Beautiful Pictures on which Happy eid wishes written on it.

In India Eid ul fitr 2012 will held on 19th or 20th August 2012 that is right after end of Holy Month Ramadan and First day of Shawal in Islamic Calender.

eid ul fitr moon


urdu eid ul fitr wallpapers


If you like our eid collections HD wallpapers and eid ul fitr pictures and eid cards then hit like and share it to your friends on this day of eid

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Saudi Arab Ramadan and Eid ul fitr re.., 1732 character

Saudi Arab Ramadan and Eid ul fitr remain important in all over world. United Arab Emirates countries like Dubai, Qatar, Doha, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and other emirates state celebrate Eid ul fitr 2012 festivals in great style and Most of other Muslims countries follow style and try to spend Eid ul fitr like United Arab Emirates.
Every person gives respect to Saudi Arab that’s why Eid in Saudi arab becomes famous. People will celebrate will this event on 18th or 19th August 2012 depending upon only month of Ramadan that month ramadan is 29 or 30 days. Now many questions arise why people celebrate eid ul fitr in great fashion. This is because Muslim in all over world themselves in front of ALLAH to gain forgiveness and after 30 days of hardwork they celebrate eid ul fitr on first moon of Shawal.

eid ul fitr in saudi arab

People from India and Pakistan works in United Arab Emirates so those people who are away from homes and spend Eid in countries like dubai, Qatar, doha, Kuwait, abi dhabi and other United Arab Emirates states surely miss eid ul fitr in its own native country but to overcome that sad feeling technology make their task easier. Due to cheap call rates and internet and facility like skype and facebook due to which they miss home less because they feel like sitting in home.

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Muslim in USA, UK celebrates Eid-ul-fitr 2012.., 1410 character

Muslim in USA, UK celebrates Eid-ul-fitr 2012 in its own way and style. Eid ul fitr remains important in UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, France and all over Muslims in the world. In Europe eid celebration started after eid pray at morning. It is expected that on 18th August people in Europe world celebrate this event.
Muslims in USA and UK and other Europe world countries celebrate Eid with Saudi Arabia. Eid ul fitr comes at first shawal in Islamic calendar after the end of holy month Ramadan. In Ramadan Muslim FAST almost for whole day and break FAST every day when Azan of Mugraib (when sunset). 30 days all the time Muslim in front of ALLAH demand for His forgiveness’s humbly.

eid in usa uk Australia malaysia

Just like in Muslim world, western world celebrate eid with great honor, spending time with family and friends arrange hangout with them. Meet there relatives. Wishes and send greetings for everyone who live back in native country. Before Eid day chand raat become popular so Many muslims buy things for upcoming eid ul fitr.

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This article is about upcoming eid ul fitr 20.., 2008 character

This article is about upcoming eid ul fitr 2012 festivals and celebrations in Pakistan and includes majors cities like Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan eid ul fitr 2012 festivals and celebrations.

Every year Muslims is pakistan celebrate Eid ul Fitr festivals and celebrate this religious event with great honor. This year Pakistani will celebrate Eid ul fitr 2012 on 19th August on 20th August depending upon the moon. Government of Pakistan already announce eid ul fitr holidays which is starting from 20th August and will end on around 22nd August.

Eid ul fitr comes usually after departure of Holy month Ramadan which is normally called as Ramzan in all over Pakistan. In Ramadan Muslims used to made FAST for 30 days and ask ALLAH Almighty to forgiveness and demands for ALLAH extensive merciful blessings surely this blessings of ALLAH will never be end if we Ask from ALLAH for his blessings with pure heart.

eid ul fitr 2012 pictures.

According to Islamic Calender 2012 eid ul fitr always comes at first day of shawal, and this wonder eid event last for three days. Start of eid ul fitr 1st day is by Pray and sending fitarna to poor Muslims so they can also enjoy this eid event.

Family and friends enjoy this event by arranging hang out to wonderful places in Pakistan, Meets up with relatives start right after pray of Eid started. Distribution of sweets and cakes will started so demand for sweets and cakes tremendously increased on first day of eid. This eid is named as Choti eid because children enjoyed fullest on this eid.

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By many ways people of pakistan in every regi.., 825 character

By many ways people of pakistan in every region celebrate 14th august by its own style. People in Pakistan celebrate by decorating their vehicles by green flags. At night most of street youngster of pakistan turn on independence day songs and jishan azadi latest songs and dance on them specially street of MALL Road Lahore become one of memorable road on 14th august.

This year make this upcoming 14th august event which is named as independence day Pakistan memorable by few beautiful urdu Milli Songs of pakistan, enjoy Azadi songs 2012 and Milli Naghamas on 14th august 2012 songs are below.


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Every year Pakistani all over the world celeb.., 1666 character

Every year Pakistani all over the world celebrate their country independence day in special ways. Most of people start 14th august by sending greetings and best wishes to their family and friends. Independence day comes once in a year so every body including children, women, men actively participate in this event. Goverment of pakistan announce public holiday on 14th august so many family also planned to travel beautiful places in pakistan

Below are the beautiful 14th august 2012 azadi and independence day greetings, wishes, and quotes specially design for this event so you people can send this beautiful independence day wishes to your friends and family.



This is the day,
That Our nation sings
This is the day
That the liberty bell starts to ring
This is the day
We all start to remember
What We stand for
and to celebrate our Independence
We stand up high, as We
All start to cry
As we think about,
All that died
For you, for me, for our whole country
Risking there life
Eaxh and everyday here is a salute
To all that lay …

Happy Independence Day


Wishing You A Wonderful
Super-Duper – Zabardast
Xtra-Badiya – Xtra Special
Ekdum Mast n Happy
Bole To Ekdum Jhakaas
Happy Independence Day









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Enjoy this moment by share following .., 1877 character

Enjoy this moment by share following 14 august wallpapers, 14 august pictures. Download Independence day wallpapers and send independence day pictures to your friends and family as a 14th august independence day greetings.


pakistan flag wallpapers

green wallpapers

14th august poetry

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