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Cousins at wedding be like:-Tum bhag ker nan .., 143 character

Cousins at wedding be like:

-Tum bhag ker nan aur raita le ana

-Main bottiyan daal laon ga

-Ali tu botlain aur chawwal utha lain 😛 😉

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Yaa to sorry bolnayYa shaadi ka card denay 😛.., 54 character

Yaa to sorry bolnay

Ya shaadi ka card denay 😛 😉

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Asking me when i am gettingmarried is like as.., 125 character

Asking me when i am getting

married is like asking me

when qiyaamah is:

I do not know.

Perhaps the time is near 😉

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A girl decided to marry again,Because pics of.., 110 character

A girl decided to marry again,

Because pics of her last wedding

did not get enough likes on facebook 😉

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Arrange marriage Lottery ketarah hote hai.Lag.., 100 character

Arrange marriage Lottery ke

tarah hote hai.

Lag gye toh lag gaye
Warna lag gaye 😉 😛

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A happy life is not about chasing a man,or ev.., 257 character

A happy life is not about chasing a man,

or even having a man,

but about being the best woman you can be :)

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When you are in lovewonders happenBut once yo.., 98 character

When you are in love

wonders happen

But once you get married

you wonder, what happened 😛

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Single is not a statusIt is a word that best .., 150 character

Single is not a status

It is a word that best describes a

person who is strong enough

to live and enjoy life without

depending on others !!

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Me is liye achi chayenai banati ke kaheenlark.., 79 character

Me is liye achi chaye

nai banati ke kaheen

larkey wale haan na karden 😉

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who gives you thesame feeling you getwhen you.., 91 character

who gives you the

same feeling you get

when you see food coming

at a restaurant 😉

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