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Why worry when you can pray?And your lord say.., 115 character

Why worry when you can pray?

And your lord says,

“Call upon me, I will respond to you”. [40:60]

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The path to Jannahis never going to be easy.G.., 88 character

The path to Jannah

is never going to be easy.

Good things are worth striving for.

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Never think bad aboutsomeone who is sinning.N.., 148 character

Never think bad about

someone who is sinning.

No matter what sin they are doing.

Hate the sin, not the person

Advice them, then make dua.

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Behold!A man is not alone witha woman but thi.., 103 character


A man is not alone with

a woman but third of them

is Satan.

[Jami At-Tirmidhi: 2165]

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Do not get mad when things get tough.Trust AL.., 103 character

Do not get mad when things get tough.

Trust ALLAH.

Have Faith.

Keep Praying.

Keep Believing.

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but ALLAH knows exactly where your are,and he.., 82 character

but ALLAH knows exactly where your are,

and he has a good plan for your life.

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ALLAH love youNot matter where you have been,.., 152 character

ALLAH love you

Not matter where you have been,

no matter what you have done,

no matter how deep you have fallen;

there is always forgiveness.

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Tawakkul is having full faiththat ALLAH will .., 138 character

Tawakkul is having full faith

that ALLAH will take care of you.

Even when things look impossible.

Yasmin Mogahed (via sayeda 313)

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ALLAH, help me to remember You, To be gratefu.., 105 character

ALLAH, help me to remember You,

To be grateful to You and

To worship You in an Excellent Manner.

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The only relationshipwhere you will never hav.., 102 character

The only relationship

where you will never have

your heart broken is your

relation with ALLAH

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