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What do you say to a blonde with no arms and no legs? Nice tits!


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Why are black peoples nostrils so big? Because that's what God held them by when he was painting them.


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What does a woman and Kentucky Fried Chicken have in common? By the time you're finished with the breast and thighs, all you have left is the greasy box to put your bone in.


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Should crematoriums give discounts for burn victims?


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What's the most popular pick up line in a gay bar? Can I push your stool in?


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What travels at 200km's a hour? A black man hearing a dollar drop to the ground.


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My friend's friend is my friend. My friend's girlfriend is my friend. My friend's boyfriend is just a scum.


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You grow on does cancer.


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What do they do with blacks after they die? Gut them and use them as wetsuits.