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Two drunks.., 218 character

Two drunks are sitting in a bar when one of them turns to the other one and asks, "Hey, isn't that Hortense?" The other drunk chimes in and says, "No, she looks pretty relaxed to me."

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What did on.., 102 character

What did one lesbian vampire say to the other? Same time next month?

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How does a m.., 115 character

How does a man show that he is planning for the future? He buys two cases of beer.

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Did you hea.., 97 character

Did you hear about the gay midget? He came out of the cupboard.

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What do wom.., 125 character

What do women and screen doors have in common? The more you bang them, the looser they get.

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I have rece.., 136 character

I have received hundreds of replies to my ad for a husband. They all say the same thing - "Take mine."

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What is the.., 192 character

What is the mating call of a blond? I'm so drunk. What is the mating call of a brunette? Is that blonde gone yet? What is ther mating call of a redhead? NEXT!

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Q: What's .., 158 character

Q: What's the difference between a nun and a woman in a bathtub?
A: One has hope in her soul and one has soap in her hole.

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As an airpl.., 365 character

As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, "If I'm going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman." She removes all her clothing and asks, "Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?" A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, "Here, iron this!"

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I have disc.., 583 character

I have discovered the answer to a question that has been puzzling scientists for hundreds of years. What is the exact difference between a split second and a nanosecond? My girlfriend and I were getting ready to go to a movie when, right as we were about to leave home, my girlfriend asked me the question all guys dread. She asked, “Does this make my butt look big?” If I had said “no” in a nanosecond, we’d have been out the door. Since I took a split second, she had to go to the mall and buy new outfits with jewelry, shoes, and purses to match.

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