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A science t.., 240 character

A science teacher tells his class, "Oxygen is a must for breathing and life. It was discovered in 1773." A blonde student responds, "Thank God I was born after 1773! Otherwise I would have died without it."

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Q: How do .., 91 character

Q: How do astronomers organize a party?
A: They planet.

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Scientists.., 159 character

Scientists have proven that there are two things in the air that have been known to cause women to get pregnant: their legs.

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Q: Why sho.., 124 character

Q: Why shouldn't you make fun of a paleontologist?
A: Because you will get Jurasskicked.

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Want to he.., 68 character

Want to hear a Potassium joke? K.

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Helium wal.., 164 character

Helium walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve noble gases here." Helium doesn't react.

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When Magne.., 95 character

When Magnesium and Oxygen started dating I was like, "O MG!"

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Q: Why did.., 110 character

Q: Why did the chicken cross the möbius strip?
A: To get to the same side.

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Molecule 1:.., 124 character

Molecule 1: I just lost an electron.
Molecule 2: Are you sure?
Molecule 1: I’m positive.

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Q: Why do .., 92 character

Q: Why do centipedes have 100 legs?
A: So they can walk.

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